Thursday, April 30, 2009

News and another sneak preview from the upcoming movie

I know. I know. It took me ages to repost. 6 months, according to internet standards amounts to a two-thumbs-down. I am such a slow trigger sometimes. Haha... ;) Some people told me I shouldn't only use a blog but build a website of my own too, like a portfolio or something, to show my past films and briefly describe my work. I was reluctant at first but they managed to convince me. So, I've gathered stuff and worked on a layout. Everything will be on-line soon, hopefully at the end of the month. As for the upcoming documentary I mentioned in my previous post, here is another sneak ...

Photo from documentary "Parcelle 4198" (Fallow Green) © Benoît De Kimpe

... a genuine Swiss cow, courtesy of contemporary artist and photographer Benoît De Kimpe, my fellow teammate for this project. I heart this one pic for numerous reasons, the first being that we didn't plan it at all. We were so lucky with animals - our "actors" - during the whole shooting. They would just strike the perfect pose at the perfect moment without even being asked. True fact, nature is generous if you welcome it patiently with open arms.