Sunday, March 28, 2010

A short trip to Lyon

Life works in mysterious ways. Shortly after I published an article about Olympique Lyonnais goalie, I received a rather unexpected invitation from a friend to spend a day in Lyon. The initial idea was to drive a vintage BMW car in a specialized garage in the outskirts of the French city for repair, then return in the evening after the vehicle got fixed. Lyon is a city where I feel totally at home, plus it's only a one hour and half drive from Geneva. Needless to say I said yes. I knew we wouldn't have a lot time during the day to visit anything, so we agreed on some little shopping and a sight-seeing tour of the Stadium of Gerland, just to take some pictures and remain in good soccer mood. But before I post about this in particular, here are some shots of Garage Massot.

(Speaking of pictures, I am not particularly pleased with my latest post on Lausanne. The photo I choose was stolen and didn't reflect the atmosphere of the city that day. At all. Taking and posting my own pictures motivates me a hundred times more than pillaging others. It also seems to encourage me to blog more. Note for the future.)

The above-mentioned car at Garage Massot on Friday, 26th of March, 2010.
That piccie was taken around 7pm, hence the blue-ish auto settings

Opposite view : the garage main entrance

As I stepped into the garage owner's office, my eyes came across that pair of hypnotizing eyes. Those must have cast a spell on us, for we had to come back to the garage half an hour after we left. Sun had indeed set by the time we hit the highway and we suddenly realized that the car front lights weren't working anymore. Oh yeah, we freaked out