Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I just returned from the Kino Festival where I saw a great documentary from Russian director Askold Kurov. No need to be a Soviet-era specialist to get what's going on in this film which tells of the everyday hassles of Lenin Museum built in 1985 in the revolutionary’s hometown of Gorki. Check this out:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Souvenir de Californie

C'était en 1993 à San Francisco. Je venais de voir Reservoir Dogs au Red Vic Movie House à une époque où la salle était encore ouverte (on pouvait y fumer et on s'y sentait comme au Spoutnik) et où Quentin Tarantino était à peine connu en Europe. J'avais beaucoup aimé le film, je crois, et du coup, cela m'a rendue attentive à cette rue à côté du centre commercial Safeway sur Market où j'allais parfois m'approvisionner. Aujourd'hui le magasin a bien changé mais il est toujours bel et bien là !

La rue Reservoir à côté du Safeway  © 1993
Le Safeway sur la rue Market © 1993

My first purchase on Google Play is Automotive

Just saw Automotive (directed by Tom Glynn and starring Will Estes and Emily Baldoni) on Google Play and I really liked it. Among other things, I was intrigued by the selling point of the movie: action is shown entirely around the perspective of a car. The film is independent to the bone and definitely not for everyone given its minimalist and near experimental streak.

Emily Baldoni in Automotive
Here is one of my takes on the puzzle story (watch out if you haven't seen it because I am giving away hints which might spoil your pleasure of being driven by the plot) :

Someone who betrays his/her significant other is a cheater. Someone who betrays his/her dream boy/girl, fantasy or real is a complete loser. Someone who betrays his/her father/mother figure, fantasy or real is cursed. Now what chances do he/she have to escape when this authority figure itself is a corrupt?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

In a Mary Poppins' mood

October began and I feel puzzled and torn inside. I don't know whether it's the red moon or the writing process that is stirring my emotional mud up.

Julie Andrews on the set of Mary Poppins

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eclipse lunaire

Aujourd'hui, 8 octobre 2014, seconde éclipse de la tétrade lunaire…
Ne plus avoir besoin de penser aux prophéties, juste se contenter de la regarder.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flying Birds

Forest Whitaker as a modern day samurai in Ghost Dog embodies my idea of grace in movie acting. Especially in this extract. And I am not talking about RZA's music coming along.