Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dimanche, à mon bureau

La tempête est passée et je me remets au travail. Me voici à mon bureau. Je rêve. Je regarde vers la fenêtre. Le crépi de l'immeuble d'en face est si blanc que la lumière qui se cogne dessus en éclaire mon salon. Je prépare un nouveau dossier de demande de subvention et je ne sais pas comment finir cette putain de phrase.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Selfies for a cure

Oh God, I feel so angry this morning. I woke up to the feeling and it's horrible. I need to recollect. Taking and posting selfies is what it takes to medicate myself. That's self-help. Therapy. Sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

About solitude

Solitude. Solitude is not about being alone physically or something, its about being unable to nest into the thought of someone else. I have tried many times lately, but no, I can't think about anyone and feel safe altogether. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be. Maybe there's a hidden truth to it. I have experienced that I had to stand in the middle of the fire (for extreme solitude is a fire) and let go of my expectations and anything I believe I am, in order to stand again and become one. I understand that, this is what people call God. But there is always a point when God doesn’t seem to be enough anymore and there, bam! hits the craving for connecting with someone again. Story of my life. Will it change anytime soon?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday and shitloads of paperwork on the treadmill

I know. Long time no read. So here is a quick one before I go back to work.
I am spending Sunday at home for I have to prepare some fundraising documents for a project. I haven't done this in years and I am quite excited about it.

It's been a crazy week. I had a conversation with Emilie, one of my father's former girlfriend. The simple thought of my dad having a sexual life is so surpringly healing. But that's not all. Guess what? I might be working on a film set soon and get paid for that. Isn't great? Also, I just met an incredible man called Bo. I hired him for a little job and I just can't wait to become his friend.

Life is beautiful and furious, and feels like a fast hotrod I am being dragged by.
In the mood for :

Mieux qu'une nouvelle coupe de cheveux chez le coiffeur

Depuis un an, bientôt et demi, que nous les pratiquons, j'ai pris goût aux petits "skypirinha" avec Jean. Ce petit jeu qui consiste à tenir une conversation sur Skype tout en se photographiant mutuellement. C'est moi au départ, qui suis venue avec l'envie de le filmer et aujourd'hui, c'est lui qui me photographie le plus et j'avoue que ça me fait rire et ça me fait vraiment du bien. Dimanche soir dernier était un de ces soirs un peu morose. Mon narcisse s'est laissé cueillir. Regarde.