Friday, August 21, 2009

Fallow Green entered stage #2 of postproduction

A quick post to announce that I am finally done with the shooting and image editing of Fallow Green. Time to work on sound, voice over and music.
I am so exhausted that I am not even in the mood for celebrating. Seriously? How long have I been working on this film? Am I blasé or what? ;P

The Children's Dreams : A painted wall from the refugees center "Centre des Tattes" in Vernier


Julian said...

Nice. Hmm no, not juste nice : great. Wonderful ?! Fantastic ?!? Marvelous ?!?! :P Hope we will see some stuff soon, like raw material (screenshots ?), for apetitize us... until a teaser ! *slurp*

James Cameron launch his one yesterday (Avatar), so hang'on darlin, you're the next ! Blue heroes rendering look a little bit to "CGI" not as natural as I except, maybe it's just an impression. And.. no trace of Sigourney :(

See you.

Offsubject : to stay in the "mood of Elena the Stalker woman", take a look on these pictures (some are realy rare).

It's maintain by a french physician, Philippe Hillion. On the root it's maybe the ugliest website you can find these days ! So cute, like a 1996 homepage ^^

Delphine Luchetta said...

But that IS raw material!
Do you remember the movie project I told you about, that was entirely built with b&w still images à la Jetée? Well, that's the one!

Julian said...

Hmmm... I am a bit confused. I thought "Follow green" was the one about this little ecological heaven near the Lignon, isn't ?

But... were you talking about the very first one you've done many years ago, with a guy who had a car accident ?

When I said "raw" material, I don't speak about the camera still image format. I just say raw like "rough", "brut material" or something.


A+ :)

arcangelo said...

1990 - Code Secret: M - partie 1

1990 - Code Secret: M - partie 2