Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healing the space within (2)

(continued from previous post)

Like I wrote earlier on, I have undertaken to an extensive and rather radical house cleansing since early December.
It began with a bookshelf which I thought needed to go, then the century-old dust I found stuck behind it, and ended with reconsidering in a split second my entire apartment setting. Oh, well, I had been there already. Rearranging one closet for the sake of spring cleaning, while hoping I could do the same about the rest of the place which never really felt completely like home, since I moved in eleven years ago. Except this time, I knew I had the right energy to complete the task.

While there is still work on the treadmill, I started noticing changes, not only in my environment but also inside of me. True that, stored objects induce memories and emotional energies as well, that can attain a life of their own and become entities. In my case, these entities weren't negative or positive. They were just outnumbered and more than I want to take. Strangely enough, this clearer vision I had about what was going wrong in my place directly reflected on my own state of mind and why I had so many difficulties lately working on my film projects. Yes, time to heal the space within before anything else...

Does this sound like a new year resolution? I think so :)
By the way, happy new year to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Dolphine (*cymbal* uh uh, what a humorist I am !).

I also send you greetings from Mariama (see my blog that just re-opened).